Friday, July 15, 2022

Cutting Edge Therapy: Buela Physical Therapy Clinic Opens Another Branch

, one of the most advanced physical therapy clinics in the country, has opened another
branch in the Metro East Area at the Garden Walk Mall in Cainta, Rizal. Buela boasts of cutting
edge technology in their clinics using the latest machines in physiotherapy. Coupled with well-
trained physiotherapists and in-house medical doctors, Buela offers a complete and holistic
approach to physical therapy.

There is a notion that physical therapy is only for post-stroke patients or those recovering from
accidents, but physical therapy can benefit everyone. This is pain management that aims to fix
the root of the problem, dealing with every muscle, sinew, nerve, and bone that causes the
major or minor aches that plague daily life, such as back pain, arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome,
scoliosis, to name just a few. Some patients think this is something you have to live with, but
relief is possible with physiotherapy. Athletes of all levels can also look to Buela to boost their
performance and be more resilient to injuries and to treat muscles that are overused in relation
to their sport.


Gerald Buela, CEO of Buela Physical Therapy Clinic and a licensed physiotherapist himself, has
a personal mission to raise the level of the profession. “That's my advocacy, to elevate and
push the boundaries of what this practice can achieve through technology and physiotherapy.”
Buela is elevating the PT (Physical Therapy) industry, by bringing in top of the line machines
from abroad. “It's the latest technology so the Philippines doesn’t fall far behind,” he says. ”Most
of the Physical Therapy clinics in the Philippines are quite traditional. I want to transform the
industry into one of the most advanced in the region.”

All the machines at the Buela clinics are the latest models. The clinic touts an advanced
approach using these machines that aid in various therapies: Myofascial Dry Needling,
Microcurrent/Macrocurrent Therapy, Deep Radiofrequency Heat Therapy, Vibration Therapy,
Manual Therapy (joint mobilization and spinal manipulation), Postural Correction Program, High-
Intensity Laser Therapy, Focused Shockwave, Traction Therapy, Tecartherapy. Patients
undergo a thorough screening and medical assessment by doctors and therapists to determine
which treatment is most beneficial for their areas of concern.

There is a misconception that physical therapists are similar to massage therapists, but physical
therapists or physiotherapists are licensed medical professionals whose field of study takes five
years. While massage deals with the muscles, physical therapy can go deeper dealing with
muscles, bones, and nerves, affecting the totality of the body. “Our promise is to fix your
problems one posture at a time,” explains Buela. When you don’t fix the posture, the muscles
aren’t activated properly, the pain and discomfort will return. The machines also target tissue at
a deeper level that a simple massage cannot reach. “Massages are good for relaxation, but you
need physical therapy for pain and discomfort.”

Cost is also something that precludes people from getting the physical therapy that they need,
often choosing to pop a pill for the pain. But that solution is temporary, especially for those with
chronic pain. People don’t often realize that their health card coverage includes physical
therapy, and a visit to the Buela clinic can bring them more lasting relief.

Buela’s sleek and industrial chic interiors of blue gray, wood and steel is aimed at trying to do
away with the cold and antiseptic feel of physical rehabilitation clinics, treating it more like going
to a spa, gym or an aesthetician, while still getting the level of treatment you would get at the
most advanced physical rehabilitation center. “Some of our patients don't do well in hospital
settings. Their progress is very minimal, and they don't find the level of pain relief they desire,”
explains Buela. Hospitals also don't do certain treatments, like dry needling, a practice whose
roots trace back to acupuncture but have now combined with Western research.

Buela has not only invested in machines, he also invested in people. The Buela clinic makes it a
special point to design the staff area of the physical therapists to be as nice as the rest of the
clinic. This does a lot for staff morale, as the staff room is usually the most neglected part of any
establishment. Buela, who worked as a physiotherapist himself, knows the ins and outs of the
industry and champions that therapists be treated as professionals. It’s only logical that happier
staff can give better service. “I pay them a premium, twice as much as the average. I want
physiotherapists to feel ownership of the space and to be comfortably working in that space.
Compared to other clinics, we pay them double. I really value our people.”

During the pandemic a lot of lifestyles have become sedentary. The work from home setup,
which continues even through a hybrid setup, has resulted in a lot less time for moving and
socializing, often just remaining at your desk for the whole day. This has resulted in a lot of
posture problems that result in or compound all manner of bodily aches and pains. “What we
want to give to them is freedom from pain,” declares Buela. ”That way you can work more
efficiently, have better relationships, and live your best life.”

Buela Physical Therapy Clinic is located at Unit 2R, The Garden Walk, 105 Felix Avenue,
Cainta, Rizal.

Alabang Branch: Unit 2504 Entrata Urban Complex, Civic Drive, Filinvest, Alabang, Muntinlupa

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