Thursday, November 25, 2021

The 4As Philippines PR Kit for CreativeFest & Kidlat Awards 2021

The 4As believes that imagination and inventiveness
should always be celebrated, in whatever form or scale. Thus, we have the CreativeFest and the Kidlat Awards.

Last year, in the middle of the pandemic, the festival's theme, Stories Don't Stop, echoed the relentless, creative spirit against challenging times.This year's theme, Creativity Unlocked, is again a call of defiance, creating stories from our dining rooms, living rooms, and bedrooms. Despite cramped spaces, limited movement and physical interaction, we've proven that the creative mind knows no boundaries and that great work is undoubtedly possible.

We will learn from a diverse group of storytellers worldwide how they've overcome obstacles: a creative leader rising above personal tragedy, a performer emerging from a culture of exclusion to mainstream acceptance, an innovative coach sharing her insights on mental exhaustion, to name a few.

We deliberately skipped the annual Kidlat Awards last year, because we felt that winning an award at that time was not as important as creating and learning. This year, Kidlat is back to recognize two years' worth of work exploding like lightning, not from the skies but our homes.

Our celebration this year is made possible by industry
talents who have dedicated months planning the event on top of running their businesses. A big thank you to CreativeFest Chairperson JC Valenzuela and his team at Propel Manila for generously sharing their talent and resources, and Kidlat Awards Chairperson Russ Molina of Seven A.D. and his committee of heavyweight creatives, assisted by our production partners Plan B.

At 4As, creativity means business, and the CreativeFest and Kidlat Awards are all about celebrating the business of creativity. Join us on Nov. 24 and 25 for the festival and Nov. 26 for the awards show, and see how creativity thrives when the world is locked up or on lockdown.

After the successful virtual run of CreativeFestNOW
last year, the Philippines 4As (Association of Accredited Advertising Agencies) is once again bringing back CreativeFest from November 24 - 26, 2021. With the theme CREATIVITY UNLOCKED, this year’s CreativeFest highlights the relentless power of creativity to move not only businesses and individuals but the whole world, especially in the context of today’s ever-changing creative landscape. While the past year has had its diculties and challenges, we’ve also seen creativity persevere. That in the face of limits, creativity can unlock its best work — finding and creating solutions, bridging gaps, and being a force of good in the world. The three-day online festival will be filled with some of the biggest creative names from all over the world, culminating with the grand comeback of the Kidlat Awards.

CreativeFest is the country’s biggest gathering of creative minds, local and global experts, and thought leaders from dierent industries across continents. So expect nothing short of three days of back-to-back inspiring talks, extraordinary stories, masterclasses, idea-sparking roundtable discussions, and keynote speeches from our remarkable lineup of speakers — all coming together at an online festival that celebrates the power of creativity to move business, people, and nations.

She’s here for only one reason — to SLAY!
That’s right, get ready to unlock your creativity
with our illustrious keynote speaker, Manila Luzon!
This Fil-Am international drag icon, recording artist,
and comedian has taken the world by storm with her
endless creativity. Don’t miss her talk as she shares
her knowledge and expertise on the art of drag and
how to fully unlock your creativity.

When creativity strikes, Alice Chou isn’t far behind.
Alice is a lion, Sherpa, and a prime number rolled
into one.

As one of Taiwan's greatest creatives ever, she
guides new hires to the global stage, and her prime
pursuit of creative excellence can't be divided. Part of
Adweek’s Creative 100 and selected in "Women to
Watch," she holds the highest award-winning record
in Taiwan’s ad history, bagging the country’s first
Cannes Lions Grand Prix and garnering accolades in
ADFEST, Adstar, and other Asia-Pacific awards.

Undeniably the world’s most revered benchmark for
creative excellence, the Cannes Lions is THE pinnacle
for most creatives. With 30,000+ entries every year
across 28 Lion Awards, the Cannes Lions champions
creativity like no other.

And for #CreativeFest2021, meet the woman
who leads the research and design for each of the
specialist Lion Awards—Susie Walker. She leads the
team for research and design, engaging with 3,000+
global companies who vie and claw their way to the
illustrious Grand Prix.

With 17 years of experience in creative communications
and culture, Susie has stories to unlock your best ideas.

Plug in to the sound of creativity with a bonafide
music and audio legend, the leader of Hit
Productions, a Cannes-winning studio and 19-time (!!!)
Production House of the Year—Vic Icasas!

Track every milestone in this decades-spanning
journey that has made audio such a powerful tool in
unlocking creativity. And better yet, look forward to its
bright, bright future in advertising and more!

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