Thursday, March 18, 2021

How Actors Can Make It during a Pandemic


photo credits to USA Today 

Actors have been hit especially hard by the pandemic, as have many others in nearly any industry. Most are not big Hollywood stars, which means they haven't earned millions to tide them over and are grappling with limited to zero income during this challenging time.

When The Wrap interviewed multiple up-and-coming actors and performers in both L.A. and New York, they found careers in the industry had come to a halt with no income from common backup jobs that have been affected either, such as waiting tables, bartending, and instructing fitness classes. One actress told the publication that within just a few days, every job she had lined up was gone with productions shut down. Studio sessions for her career as a singer and songwriter were put on hold, and her side gig working as a contractor for a marketing/social media/branding firm was gone too.

While the situation is bleak, things do seem to be slowly getting better, and there are ways for actors to make it during the pandemic that more and more actors have begun to discover.

Teach workshops

For actors who are highly skilled with experience in the industry, they might host virtual acting workshops or courses online for those who want to learn. Content can be generalized to attract a wide range of people or tailored to something more specific. The price you can charge varies depending on the quality of the content you plan to teach and how long the course is, but dedicating time to produce something many will be happy to pay for while they're stuck at home trying to make better use of their time can also guarantee more steady earnings for you.

Virtual Work

Flexibility and adaptability aren't everyone's strong suit, but it's important now more than ever. Actors can take advantage of our virtual world by utilizing online connections. Online acting is becoming increasingly popular, with many looking to hire by searching the term "find an actor" for everything from promotional brand campaigns and charity fundraisers to plays that will be live-streamed and all types of virtual events today. Audiences are missing those authentic performances, going to plays and such, but virtual events can at least bring the arts to people at home while helping to support actors in need of an income to help pay the rent and put food on the table.

Voiceover Work

Voiceover work can be lucrative and requires little to no in-person interaction. It can be used for nearly anything from gaming, podcasts, and audiobooks to commercials and dubbing films. There are lots of sites where you can upload your profile and find voiceover work today, from the Special Guest app to sites like Voices, Voice123, and TheVoiceRealm.

Do Your Own Project

If you have friends in the industry who are also out of work, you might join together to collaborate on a project. You could start a web series or write and perform sketches. These projects don't require a big budget, you might simply come up with a story based on one location that you have free access to. By creating your own work, you can stream it on YouTube, earn money from the views, and possibly get picked up too.

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